Appearances by Ava, General

Ava and Kim Anderson at the SEEED Conference

SEEED 2014

In April, Ava and Kim Anderson had an opportunity to contribute at the 2014 SEEED Summit. SEEED is the first national conference to focus on what is needed to build an effective social enterprise ecosystem that can drive economic development. A collaboration between Social Enterprise Greenhouse (Kim Anderson is a Board member), the Social Innovation Initiative at Brown University in Rhode Island, Worldways Social Marketing, and the SEEED at Brown student group, SEEED convenes 500+ ecosystem stakeholders including social ventures, practitioners, business leaders, academics, impact investors, students and policymakers.

SEEED is a two-day gathering that brings together social innovation leaders to share best practices and create new collaborations. The SEEED network believes in the power of social enterprise and building an ecosystem in which these businesses thrive. So what is a social enterprise? It is “an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being, rather than maximizing profits for external shareholders.”

This is a movement that is near and dear to Ava and Kim and contributed to the founding of Ava Anderson Non Toxic.  Click here to learn more about SEED.