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Ava Sunscreen named to EWG 2014 Sunscreen Guide and Ava part of Sun Safety Public Education Campaign

EWG Sun Safety

On May, 21, 2014, the Environmental Working Group published their 2014 Sunscreen Guide.

For busy shoppers faced with a sea of beautifully-packaged bottles and tubes, the trick is figuring out which sunscreen represents the best value – and will get used by the whole family. EWG’s 2014 Guide to Sunscreens is designed to empower consumers with a user-friendly searchable database that puts them in charge.

And this year, for the first time, EWG has launched a Sun Safety Public Education Campaign in partnership with dermatologists and sunscreen companies. The campaign aims to make sun safety as essential as seat belts. At the core of EWG’s Sun Safety campaign is the shared conviction that the American public, young people in particular, need a wake-up call about sun safety and clear, compelling strategies to reduce the risks of skin damage and cancer related to sun exposure and tanning beds.

Ava Anderson Non Toxic was one of the companies that partnered with the EWG for the development of their Sun Safety Program. “EWG’s Sun Safety campaign grew out of a year-long series of meetings and discussions among EWG staff, independent scientists, researchers, dermatologists and companies with an interest in sun protection. The common theme that emerged was an urgent need for a dramatic and sustained increase in public awareness about the alarming rise of melanoma, the serious health risks associated with excessive sun exposure, the worrisome popularity of tanning beds, and the fact that many sunscreens on the market are ineffective and/or may contain potentially harmful chemicals.”—