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MAGIC 106.7 Exceptional Women Podcast

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Ava was recently interviewed for a podcast on Boston’s MAGIC 106.7’s Exceptional Women program. EXCEPTIONAL WOMEN is the nation’s leader in programming by and for women.  EW has won 41 prestigious awards including the 2014 Gracie Allen Award from the Alliance for Women in Media, the Gabriel Award from the Catholic Academy of Broadcasters, and the Massachusetts Broadcasters Association “Sound Bite” Award.  Listen here…

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Podcast Interview with Business Women Rock!


On June 20, a podcast went live with an interview with Ava Anderson by Katie Krimitsos, the Host of the Business Women Rock! Podcast. Katie conducts interviews with the world’s most incredible business women, sharing their inspiring and educational stories with business women everywhere!  Ava certainly fits in that category.
You can hear the interview by going to the link below and listening to it on iTunes.

Listen Here

Appearances by Ava, General

Ava and Kim Anderson at the SEEED Conference

SEEED 2014

In April, Ava and Kim Anderson had an opportunity to contribute at the 2014 SEEED Summit. SEEED is the first national conference to focus on what is needed to build an effective social enterprise ecosystem that can drive economic development. A collaboration between Social Enterprise Greenhouse (Kim Anderson is a Board member), the Social Innovation Initiative at Brown University in Rhode Island, Worldways Social Marketing, and the SEEED at Brown student group, SEEED convenes 500+ ecosystem stakeholders including social ventures, practitioners, business leaders, academics, impact investors, students and policymakers.
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Appearances by Ava

Ava’s Big Gift


Ava’s Big Gift! – AVA has funded Babson College Women’s Entrepreneurial Accelerator – We are just thrilled to be paying it forward and offering the entrepreneurship opportunity to other young women with great ideas! We are the sole funder (along with our family) of the first Women’s Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program at a U.S. College. This is a picture of the first class of women who went through a rigorous process to be accepted into this new program at Babson College (where Ava attends). They will have access to the school’s legal, financial, marketing, advertising, management teams and much more to “accelerate!” their business to launch and beyond. We are so excited for them, and wish these women the best of luck in their ventures!